If you’re searching for the perfect summer drink, look no further! This Orange Crush Recipe fits the bill. With fresh-squeezed orange juice, orange-flavored vodka, triple sec, and sparkling water, this cocktail is sure to be a hit! Even better, it’s only 164 calories per serving. Imbibe and enjoy!

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Skinny Orange Crush Cocktails on white plate

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    Orange Crush Drink

    Summer must be here if I’m sipping on an orange crush. I absolutely love this refreshing summer drink. My Mom would get this drink from a small restaurant in Southern Delaware with a sign that read, “World’s Famous Orange Crushes”. She later introduced me to this citrus drink, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

    The most important part of this drink is the FRESH squeezed orange juice. It makes all of the difference. It’s so light and refreshing in the summer!

    What’s In An Orange Crush?

    If you’ve ever been to Ocean City, MD or Southern Delaware you couldn’t miss this drink! It’s pretty much on every drink menu. This summer-fresh cocktail is made with freshly squeezed orange juice, orange-flavored vodka, triple sec, and sparkling water. It’s basically like a grapefruit crush but with fresh squeeze orange juice! It’s a very simple cocktail and — better yet it — it’s only 164 calories per serving, meaning you won’t feel guilty about drinking it!

    Hand holding an orange crush cocktail in hand

    Orange Crush Recipe

    You only need 5 ingredients to make this delicious and easy homemade orange crush cocktail at home!

    • Ice cubes: For both mixing the orange crush in the cocktail shaker and for serving.
    • Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice: You can use store-bought, if needed, but opt for all-natural and organic, if possible. There should be only one ingredient – orange juice!
    • Vodka: I like using orange-flavored vodka to add more orange goodness to this cocktail, both in flavor and color, but you can use plain vodka or another citrus flavor.
    • Triple Sec: You can omit if you don’t have this on hand, but I highly recommend using a orange-flavored liqueur like Cointreau!
    • Seltzer: You can also use sparkling water, lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, or flavored seltzer.

    How To Make An Orange Crush

    • Begin by adding fresh squeezed orange juice, vodka, and triple sec to a measuring cup.
    orange juice, triple sec and orange vodka in small glass measuring cup
    • Start by adding the ice cubes, orange juice, vodka, and orange liqueur to a cocktail shaker. Shake for 30 seconds or until well-incorporated. Pour into individual glasses, top with seltzer, and enjoy!
    Orange Crush Mixture getting poured into a cocktail shaker

    How To Make Cocktail Slushies

    While alcohol will not freeze due to ethanol’s extremely low freezing point (-173 degrees Fahrenheit), you can turn these into a blended boozy slushie by placing the cocktail mixture in the freezer for a couple hours, then blending until smooth. Perfect for sipping poolside this summer!

    How To Make Orange Peel Curls

    If you want to dress this orange crush recipe, garnish it with some fresh orange curls. Orange curls are simple to make and a fancy addition to any drink.

    To make an orange curl, take a vegetable peeler and peal a thin strip along the skin of the orange. Twist the strip into spirals until you get your desired look. You don’t have to worry about them losing their curl either. The natural oils in the peel allow it to keep its shape and harden.

    You can also garnish these cocktails with a lime wedge, orange slice (or any citrus), fresh or frozen berries, chocolate shavings or curls, fresh mint leaves, fresh basil, or a sprig of rosemary.

    Now, it’s time to grab a lounge chair, a magazine, and this skinny orange crush, and spend a relaxing day in the sun. Enjoy!

    peeling orange curls with a peeler

    Tips for making the best orange crush

    • Make sure to properly shake you drink in a cocktail shaker for at least 30 seconds. Spruce Eats has a great article explaining how to properly shake a cocktail.
    • I highly recommend using a cocktail shaker however if you don’t have one a mason jar with a well fitting lid or a single serve blender would both work!
    • These are really good with crushed ice! A little extra work but worth the effort!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use other fruit?

    Yes of course! Grapefruit, lime, mango, pomegranate even pineapple the list goes on! If you can freshly squeeze the fruit then you can make a fruit crush with it!

    Do I have to use fresh squeezed orange juice?

    Yes! Fresh squeezed orange juice is a must! It is the main ingredient in this recipe and really makes the drink!

    Can I serve these for a crowd?

    Absolutely! Simply double or triple this recipe and serve in a beverage dispenser or pitcher!

    Where Did Orange Crush Originate?

    According to Delaware Now the Orange Crush Cocktail is said to have originated in 1995 at Harbor Side Bar and Grill in Ocean City, Maryland. The restaurant still serves orange crush cocktails along with lots of other flavor combinations! If you are ever in the area you should stop by and give them a try!

    Orange Crush on a white plate with an orange curl

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    Skinny Orange Crush

    4.89 from 9 votes
    The perfect summer cocktail! Fresh squeezed orange juice, orange flavored vodka, triple sec and sparkling water. Not to mention its only 164 calories!
    Servings: 2
    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Cook Time: 0 minutes
    Total Time: 10 minutes


    • 1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
    • 2 ounces orange flavored vodka
    • 1 ounce triple sec
    • 2 ounces seltzer
    • 1/4 cup ice cubes, plus more for serving


    • Begin by adding fresh squeezed orange juice, vodka, and triple sec to a measuring cup.
    • Pour mixture into a cocktail shaker along with 1/4 cup ice and shake for 30 seconds or until combined. Divide liquid between two glasses then top with seltzer and enjoy.

    Nutrition Information

    Calories: 164kcalCarbohydrates: 17gSodium: 8mgPotassium: 248mgSugar: 14gVitamin A: 250IUVitamin C: 62mgCalcium: 14mgIron: 0.3mg

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