Slow Roasted Beef Brisket

Oven Roasted Beef Brisket smothered with roasted vegetables, red wine, and beef stock. A perfect make ahead Sunday dinner.

Slow Roasted Beef Brisket |

Beef Brisket is the ultimate comfort food. It’s the perfect meal for a lazy Sunday dinner. Brisket needs to be cooked low and slow. With little preparation you can have a hearty dinner with little effort. Sear the meat and vegetables, throw them in the oven with some liquid and let the meat roast in the oven for hours. How easy is that?

This brisket makes enough for four people with a little left over. I like to serve my brisket with mashed potatoes and a side of my Roasted Garlic Asparagus.

This slow roasted beef brisket comes out tender and melts in your mouth.  I serve leftovers the next day on a roll with melted Swiss cheese and au jus. It is amazing!

As an added bonus everything gets cooked in one pan making for an easy clean up.

Oven Roasted Beef Brisket |

I roasted my brisket with a mixture of carrots, celery, and onion. I also added a couple of garlic cloves for flavor.

As a liquid for the brisket I used beef broth, red wine and a touch of Worcesteshire sauce. I like to baste my beef brisket every 30 minutes to an hour. If you do not have a baster go ahead and use a spoon to baste the brisket.

Beef brisket can be cooked many ways. Smoked and slathered with barbecue sauce, low and slow in a crock pot, or seared and roasted in the oven. Either way the end result is always amazing.

This beef brisket takes about 3-4 hours to cook. After your brisket comes out of the oven let it rest for about 30 minutes. If you cut into the brisket too early you will see the juices come out of the brisket and onto your cutting board. Allowing the brisket to rest after cooking helps retain the liquid and keeps your brisket moist.

This Slow Roasted Beef Brisket works great for leftovers. Make extra and save for the week ahead. This brisket can be used for sandwiches or even nachos. It tastes even better the next day.

Easy Beef Brisket |

The cut of brisket I used was a leaner cut known as “first cut” or “flat cut”. It is a thinner slice of brisket with less fat.

Brisket comes from the breast of the cow and is known for being a tough cut of meat if not cooked correctly. Because of it’s large amount of connective tissue this cut of meat needs to be cooked low and slow to break down the tissue.

I like to leave the excess fat on the brisket. It will help the brisket to stay moist while cooking.


Make this Slow Roasted Beef Brisket for your next Sunday dinner. I know you and your family will enjoy it!

Slow Roasted Beef Brisket

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Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours 20 minutes
Servings: 4
Oven Roasted Beef Brisket smothered with roasted vegetables, red wine, and beef stock. A perfect make ahead Sunday dinner.


  • 2 pounds beef brisket "first cut" or "flat cut"
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil divided
  • 2 medium carrots medium dice
  • 2 stalks celery medium dice
  • 1 small onion medium dice
  • 3 garlic cloves minced
  • 1 1/2 cups beef stock
  • 3 tablespoons red wine
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 whole bay leaves
  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  2. Season the brisket with salt and pepper.
  3. Add 1/2 tablespoon oil to a cast iron skillet.
  4. Over high heat sear the brisket on both sides. This takes about 2 minutes on each side. Take out of the pan and set aside.
  5. Add 1/2 tablespoon oil to the same cast iron pan. Cook carrots, celery and onion for about 3-4 minutes until slightly tender.
  6. Add garlic and cook for one minute.
  7. Add beef stock, red wine, and Worcestershire sauce. Bring to a simmer.
  8. Take off the heat and add in the bay leaves and season with pepper.
  9. Place in the oven and cover. Cook until tender 3-4 hours. Baste every 30 minutes to an hour. If you run out of liquid add a bit more beef stock. The brisket should be easy to cut and fall apart when you pull at it with a fork.
  10. Take out of the oven and let rest for at least 30 minutes.
  11. Cut or shred and serve immediately. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

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Nutrition Facts
Slow Roasted Beef Brisket
Amount Per Serving
Calories 434 Calories from Fat 180
% Daily Value*
Fat 20g31%
Saturated Fat 6g38%
Cholesterol 140mg47%
Sodium 569mg25%
Potassium 1109mg32%
Carbohydrates 8g3%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 3g3%
Protein 49g98%
Vitamin A 5095IU102%
Vitamin C 5.1mg6%
Calcium 44mg4%
Iron 5mg28%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Slow Roasted Beef Brisket


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  • Juan Garcia

    Thanks for the recipe. Hope you have a recipe for thanks giving day like ham. Thanks Kelley

    • Hi Juan! Thank you for the comment. I am currently working on some Thanksgiving recipes and will try to include ham!



      • Travis

        I want smoke or make a beef ham, what cut of beef do recommend using? No pork.

        • Tina Ferguson-Riffe

          Are you wanting to make a pastrami? That is a brined brisket that is smoked and then braised after smoking.

  • Rose G

    This was delicious!. I don’t like beef stock (unless I make it myself) so I used water. The flavor was as strong as I like it.

  • Mary

    Hi there, just wondering, do you cover the brisket when you put it in the oven?

  • Hello Miss Kelley,
    You make this sound so tasty I’m going to try it for the first time tomorrow. But my brisket came down from Scotland and is neatly rolled into a 2lb log . If I cook it that way do you think it will be equally as successful? Or perhaps I should follow your example and undo the roll and roast it flat?

    • Hi Jon,

      I would unroll the log. My fear would be it won’t cook all the way through if it is rolled up. Hope this helps and I hope you enjoy the recipe!



  • Jill

    Hi Kelley,
    I am excited to try this recipe but it is my first time cooking brisket and I have a couple questions. When you write Cast Iron Skillet, could I use a Cast Iron Dutch Oven? Also, I’m assuming that after you remove the skillet from heat you then place the brisket back in, cover and then cook it all in the oven? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure I do this correctly.

    • Hi Jill!

      That’s not a problem! Yes you can definitely use a cast iron dutch oven (I used a skillet because that is all I had at the time). And Yes you remove the skillet from heat and place the brisket back in the pan and cover tightly with lid. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any more questions if they come up.



      • Ellyn

        Looks like Mom’s pot roast when we were kids. I don’t have cast iron, so can I use a cast aluminum saute pan and cover it in the oven?



        • Hi Ellyn,

          Yes you can as long as it is oven safe and is large enough to hold the liquid, veggies and meat!



  • Louise Curtis


    I’m literally cooking this recipe right now and have a quick question – do you leave the oven on super high for the whole 3-4 hours? (You’ve said 300 Celsius but my oven only reaches 250)


    • Hi Louise,

      The oven should be at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for the duration of cooking. This is a very low temperature. Do this answer your question?



      • Louise Curtis

        That makes much more sense! Sorry, English ovens/ recipes are in celsius and I just assumed you pre-heated on high then turned it down before cooking.

        Many thanks for the quick response.


      • Shell

        came here to say just this, Aussie here, I assumed 300 C not 300 F… bugger!
        Perhaps you can note the unit of measurement in the instructions?

  • Victoria

    Hello, I want to cook this tonight and I’m not very familiar with basting. Does the liquid go in the roasting dish with the brisket while it’s cooking pouring it over meat every 30 mins? Or do I leave it out and just pour it over every 30 mins? And can I put other roast veggies in the same dish? This obviously wouldn’t work if I had the liquid in. Thanks

    • Hi Victoria,

      You leave the liquid in the pan and use a Baster to pour the liquid back over the meat. You are more than welcome to add in other veggies. I would just be careful that they don’t cook too much. There should be room for liquids and veggies if you use a large cast iron pot.

      Hope this helps! Thanks!


  • Dolores Ugalde

    Hi!! I’m from Mexico and I love to cook, I cook this recipe incluiding the asparagus and all was delicious, my family love it,thanks soo much for the recipe.

  • Jay

    This recipe looks delicious and I plan to try it but the picture thats shown has the mean cut with the grain. I always was taught to let the meat rest and cut against the grain. Just sayin.

  • Char

    Just made this and it was delicious! I used a large Dutch oven so I had room to add some quartered potatoes which came out flavorful as well.

  • Heather Lampman

    I’ve been looking for a great moist brisket recipe. Thank you! I think this is it!
    I’m sorry. but I noticed that you sliced your brisket with the grain. It’s much better if you slice it across the grain.
    (Easiest if it’s sliced about 1 hour before it’s done, and then carefully placed back in the pot to finish)
    Again; GREAT recipe, but I just couldn’t let it go.

  • Carroll Swager

    Hi! We made this & did not see to cover so part of our brisket came out a bit dry but overall very good. Not fork tender either. A few good comments to know for next time. Very good for our first attempt at brisket! Very easy and we emulsified the veggies & made a great gravy to go with the meat.

    • Hi Carroll,

      Thank you so much for trying this recipe. I am so glad you liked it! I realized the step to cover the brisket is not in the directions. I am so sorry about that. I have revised the recipe.

      Thank you,


  • Louise

    Hi Kelley

    When you leave it to rest for 30 minutes, do you take it out of the pan, or leave it in with the liquid and the veggies?


    • Hi Louise!

      You will want to take the brisket out of the liquid and allow to rest on a cutting board or plate. If we left it in the pan it would still continue to cook. Let the brisket rest for 30 minutes and shred or cut and add back to the pan to serve.

      I hope you enjoy!

      Thank you,


    • Hi Anna,

      You want to put the meat in the oven safe pot or pan you have that the meat was browned in and taken out of along with the veggies. You do not need to wrap the meat in foil. The meat and veggies will be placed together in the pot when you place it in the oven. You will need to cover it before you put it in the oven so if you do not have a lid to your pot or pan you can place foil over the pot not just the meat. Does this make sense? I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more clarification!

      Thank you,


  • Carolyn

    Thank you for the recipe I’m cooking for a large family. My brisket is 8 lbs. How long do I cook it at 300 and how much liquid should I add?

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I would say it should take between 8-10 hours. (About an hour per pound of meat). I think it might be a good idea for you to double everything to go along with the large cut of meat. So do 3 cups stock, 6 tablespoons wine, 4 carrots, etc.

      I hope you and your family enjoy! Happy Holidays!


    • Hi Jessika!

      I would double everything in the recipe in that case to accommodate to the larger piece of meat. We want to make sure you have enough liquid as well so doubling everything including the liquid is a good idea. Also just a fyi the larger brisket will take a bit longer. About an additional hour per pound. I hope you enjoy!

      Thank you & Happy Holidays!


    • Hi Jess,

      I have never tried making this before in a slow cooker. However you should be able to cook the meat in a slow cooker on low for about 6-8 hours. I would still sear the meat before placing in the slow cooker just until browned on the outside. You can still add the sauce and the veggies to the slow cooker.

      Let me know how you make out!



  • Mary Beth

    I have a small cast iron skillet to brown a 2-3 lb brisket. I am considering transferring it to an oven bag in a roasting pan (with vegetables and sauce) and slow cook at 300. How does this sound? How long do you expect it will take to cook?

    • Hi Mary Beth,

      I have not tried it with an oven bag so it’s really hard to say. I would try following the same cooking time in the instructions and try checking it about 2-3 hours in.

      I hope this helps. Thank you!


  • DJanis R

    Oh no. I poured the entire bottle of burgundy cooking wine in the pan with the bf broth. It’s a 12 lb brisket. Will it be ok?…

    • Hi Djanis,

      I would try adding maybe a bit more broth (if your pan will allow) or dumping some of the liquid out and adding more beef broth.

      I hope this helps!



  • megs

    i have just cooked a brisket as per your receipe – I want it for tomorrows nights dinner, hints on storing and reheating. By the way it is amazing – thanks for the receipe.

    • Hi Meg!

      I am so glad you enjoyed it! I would store the brisket in a shallow airtight container. To reheat I would suggest placing it in the oven with the juices until it reaches 165. (I would try 350 for 30 minutes). Also it is easier to slice the brisket when it is cold so I would recommend slicing it before you reheat it in the oven. Hope this helps!

      Thank you!


  • Janet Whitson

    I had an 8 lb. brisket, so searing it in a cast iron skillet was not feasible. I seared it on my gas grill and then after cooking the vegetables, ransferred to a large foil pan and covered it with foil. I cooked it for 7 hours and it was absolutely delicious. This is a wonderful recipe.

  • Hi Kelley,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. This was my first time cooking a brisket (4.7 lbs) for a dinner party no less! I don’t normally try something new on dinner guests without having it first! It was done at 4 hours. It was a big hit with everyone. I took the advice of someone in this thread and blended some of the vegetables with the liquid in the Vitamix and put it in a gravy boat. Served with a side of butternut squash/red pepper casserole, and green beans. Everything organic. Delish. 🙂